Survey – CWC Devanahalli

It’s been a nagging feeling for a long time to see the cycle of poverty and exploitation repeating, just because some children do not get the same opportunities as you and me have been fortunate to get. It appears to be a feeling that most of us share. So shall we do something about it?

We have identified two Child Welfare Centers near Devanahalli to start with. These centers have kids who are orphaned due to abusive or criminal parents, or rescued from the streets, or rescued from human trafficking. They are currently doing some namesake education.

Would you be able to sponsor one child for education for the next 10 or 12 years? Would you be able to guide and mentor them to lead a life of self reliance and dignity?

Expense expected is in the vicinity of Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 an year. If we have commitment for all the students, we would probably be able to leverage the scale and bring down the expense, but not sure of that at the moment.

You would get quarterly updates about educational progress. You are encouraged to get involved even more closely if time permits.

Not a penny of that money would go into administering this initiative or to any other expense. It would exclusively go to the child you sponsor.

Please record your willingness here:

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