Academic Update – Oct 2014

We’ve had a great year so far, getting our first set of children to streamline into better schools and facilities – all thanks to generous people who came forward to help. We’ve just received the first few test results from the schools, and are excited to note that almost all of our children have done extremely well in their studies, in one case taking up all three top ranks in a class and in another case securing the top two ranks. This is no mean achievement, considering they just shifted from Kannada medium to English medium schools and have no parental assistance.

Who is a Sponsor?

As per Juvenile Justice Act 2000, section 43(1) in Chapter IV says [emphasis added]:

43. Sponsorship.-(1) The sponsorship programme may provide supplementary support to
families, to children’s homes and to special homes to meet medical, nutritional, educational and
other needs of the children with a view to improving their quality of life.

Admissions 2014

We’ve enrolled 22 students for primary education and 1 for graduation so far. 7 more students for primary education and one more for graduation are in discussion. This post will be updated with details as they come in.

CWC Survey Results

We got an overwhelming response, on the CWC survey. We were targeting one centre and the ten children there but thanks to the support, we have extended to a second centre and 16 more students taking the total to 26 students. The closest school for them which fits our criteria of budget and special attention for these children is Sri Krishna Vidya Niketan, Devanahalli. This is a new school (only 2 or 3 years old), but the group has other educational institutions (like polytechnic) within the same compound. We hope to be able to collect the promised funds and enrol them soon.